Invest in Carefully Selected Private Equity & Private Debt Deals from Across Canada.

Start with as little as $5000, with some investments targeting returns of 12-15%.

Reimagine your investment portfolio and invest like the 1%.

It's time to Rethink (investing) and Diversify (properly).


Invest Online With Approved Private Investment Offerings


Who is Rethink & Diversify Securities?

Rethink and Diversify Securities is an exempt market dealer and one of the only exempt market dealer in Canada allowed to sell investments online to everyday investors like you. We offer private equity and private debt deals that can provide unique diversification and returns than what you might find in the public markets, all without the emotional driven ups and downs.


$300 Million+

Capital Raised




Year's in Business


Learn how we RESPECT the CAPITAL at Rethink & Diversify Securities Inc.

Why Invest with R&D?

R&D is one of the largest exempt market dealers in Canada and has a strong track record of offering carefully selected investment offerings to help our clients diversify their investment portfolios.

Exempt Market Dealer

We are currently conducting business in the provinces of BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, PEI & NS. We are also a long standing member of the Private Capital Market Association.

Safety & Security

Our system employs industry-leading financial data security to encrypt your personal information. Your investment capital is never handled by R&D and is instead sent directly from you to the company you want to invest in.

For Beginners & Professionals

Our system is simple and easy-to-use, making it accessible for everyone to invest like the 1%.

Invest as Little as $5,000

Start low and go slow. Or invest more if you want, it’s up to you.

Be Independent

You select an investment that meets your unique objectives and criteria using one of Canada’s only online private-company investment portals.

Need a Hand?

Reach out and speak to one of our trusted investment professionals who can walk you through the process.

Want to Learn More?

Join one of our regularly scheduled webinars and join like-minded investors in an open discussion about how to invest in private companies and what the benefits are versus public-market-only portfolios.


What kind of Companies Can I Invest In?

Rethink & Diversify offers to our clients investment opportunities with a promising outlook that we believe have a reasonable chance of meeting the targeted investor returns. We perform due diligence on each investment before offering them as investment opportunities to our clients. These businesses can include: Real Estate (Residential, Industrial, Commercial), Consumer Lending Funds, Venture Capital & Farmland.

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Real Estate

Residential, Industrial, Commercial

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Consumer Lending

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Venture Capital

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