Learn how we RESPECT the CAPITAL at Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.”

—Margaret Mead 

What makes R&D different?

An Exempt Market Dealer ('EMD") raises capital for any securities that are prospectus exempt (think generally of an investment professional with access to "Dragons Den" or “Shark Tank” type investments). 

What makes R&D different is the people and their core values that govern their decision-making process.

These core values and guiding principles were jointly created through discussions and input by EVERYONE at R&D. Once created – it is possible for the values and principles to be changed but only if a stronger debate is made for the value or principle to be amended or removed.

It says something about you and we want everyone to know it! Especially your clients!!

Rethink & Diversify's Features

R&D takes great pride in it's team members, and we are excited to highlight the below R&D Dealing Representative. 

R&D boasts a wide approved product list for investment options (25+), giving our clients investment opportunities suited to them. Please see the below highlighted opportunity.

Featured Team Member - Lori King

Looking for an investment professional? Look no further.

Financial Professionals

Traditional Financial Professionals

 Consider the benefits of offering private investments to your clients. Today’s low interest rate environment has taken away return potential for thousands of investors. Providing financial solutions licensed as a dealing representative through R&D Securities can allow you to offer diversification benefits that are traditionally only available to institutional and high net worth investors. We can provide coaching on how to provide institutional-type asset allocation to benefit your clients. 

Established EMD Licensed Financial Professionals

 Consider how different working at a firm run by entrepreneurs is. All key management at R&D left former EMDs due to bureaucracy, and started R&D Securities as they felt there was no home for entrepreneurs in the Canadian marketplace. Join us to see what it is like to work with fellow entrepreneurs. We can show you how to implement a system for including proper portfolio management and asset allocation to help you scientifically reduce risk and increase returns of your clients. 

Entrepreneurial Financial Professionals

Are you the type of financial professional likes to provide custom solutions to your clients? Have you considered the benefits of your own offering? We can help in providing the support to launch your own offering. This includes turnkey solutions for compliance, regulatory support, RRSP eligibility, and smooth operations. Having a related offering can allow you to potentially offer your opportunity with less restrictions than traditional Offering Memorandum and Prospectus offerings.


Traditional Investors

Consider working with a financial professional who can provide private investments to complement your portfolio. Financial professionals licensed through R&D Securities as dealing representatives have access to private debt and equity investments. We can show you how to access private debt and equity opportunities normally reserved only for institutional investors. 

Entrepreneurial Investors

Are you the type of investor who is secure in your experience and ability to conduct the due diligence and research needed to make your investment decisions entirely on your own? Consider R&D Securities’ direct access to private investments at www.venturemarket.ca. This is an online portal that allows you to research and invest in private opportunities yourself.


Established Private Issuers

R&D Securities offers non-conflicted, fast, and non-bureaucratic access to R&D dealing representatives. If you have a quality offering, after documenting the Know-Your-Product requirements, we will bring you to market and allow fair access to our dealing representatives. We will base our listing on the quality of your offering, not the commissions, dealer overrides, corporate finance fees, due diligence fees, administration fees, or any other items of potential conflicts. We also do not make due diligence a profit centre and do not insist that you provide our dealer any fees for marketing or conferences. We believe in doing business as a company that works with all partners with the goal of trust and having exceptional relationships. 

Entrepreneurs Wanting to Raise Capital

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to raise capital? It can be difficult to do it properly within capital raising regulations and in a way that attracts investors. R&D Securities’ principals have many years of experience in launching offerings. We have turnkey opportunities for compliance, regulatory support, RRSP eligibility, and smooth operations. We can potentially bring your offering to market via traditional dealing representatives or through our private capital funding portal. If you have the ability to raise your own capital, we can provide legal and corporate finance advisory services which help you bring your offering to market with confidence.