Featured Dealing Representative

Lori King


1. Why did you decide to choose a career in alternative (exempt market) investments? 

I was introduced to the exempt market in 2008.   Traditional investments were not performing.  The private equity investments gave investors an alternative that provided steady returns and asset backed choices.

2. Is there a memory you have about private capital investments that makes them near and dear to you?

Yes it is being able to offer a client the opportunity, who would not otherwise be able to participate in real estate investments.  ie.  REIT's, MIC's, land development   These types of investments offer income as as well as growth.

3. Describe your ideal client.

Hard question because all clients are unique and bring a challenge whether they are individuals, seniors, families.    Ideal client is one that is wanting a plan and looking to diversify not only by investments but strategies.  For instance small business owners needing to invest retained earnings or needing to utilize retained earnings tax efficiently, because this arena is ever changing.

4. What is your favourite quote or book and why is it your favourite?

Smart Women Finish Rich - Author David Bach     "What makes the world go round --  money or love?    Love is what makes life special, but without money you are in deep trouble!"

5. If you could ask any question to a person who had the knowledge to answer it, what question would you ask that person?

Cryptocurrency --  what is the future going to be like with no currency risks??  

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