Luca Carfa

Registered In Ontario

As a small business owner for close to 20 years, I understand the importance of putting the clients needs before your own. I believe honesty, integrity and transparency are the foundations to building lasting realationships in life and in business.

Since 2009 I have also actively managed the family holding company which holds an ownership stake in the “Carfa Group Inc” a local land development company. Through this management of the portfolio the exempt market has been an essential part of our growth. It was through this process that I really began to see the advantages the exempt market could provide to others and I began the journey of becoming a licensed dealing representative through R&D.

I look forward to showing my clients how the exempt market can help them achieve their financial goals and reduce volatility. In my off times I enjoy spending time with my family and weekends at our trailer in Mallory Town in the summer months.