Philip Tse


Philip Tse has over two decades of experience in investment advisory, sales management,

and product management in the Canadian financial services industry. His was previously

Assistant Vice-President at HSBC Global Asset Management, Product Manager at Manulife

Investments, Regional Vice-President at ONE Financial, and National Sales Manager - Asian

Market at Dynamic Funds. Philip has a long and distinguished track record in multichannel

sales distribution, sales staff training and development, product and market research,

investment advisory for private investors, as well as having extensive experience in

managing complex, strategic enterprise projects.

Philip is well versed in a wide variety of investment products, asset allocation strategies,

alternative asset classes, as well as current global economic, social and geo-political issues.

He was a frequent speaker at public seminars, and was a guest speaker on OMNI 2 Channel

and WOW TV on numerous occasions. Philip’s in-depth knowledge in investment products,

portfolio strategies, his insight in macro-economic trends, plus his excellent reputation for

being trustworthy and reliable will make him a highly effective investment partner that you can

count on.

Philip is an avid traveler, an automotive gearhead, and he is a big believer in green and

renewable energy. Philip is a regular supporter of World Vision Canada and Doctors Without

Borders. He also volunteers for his congregation at St. Christopher’s Anglican Church in

Richmond Hill, Ontario.