Jessica Roche

Registered In Ontario

Jessica was born in Montreal and is of haitian heritage. She speaks French, English, Haitian creole and Spanish. At an early age, Jessica practiced multiple sports including gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, martial arts, and tennis. That solid athletic base led Jessica to become one of the best track and field athletes in the Province of Quebec between 2002 and 2005 in sprint and long distance running.

She has always been of service to her community through the catholic church or by volunteering in non-for profit organizations. Channeling on her passion to empower people and communities, Jessica decided to study Social work at the college level. She then moved to Ottawa to continue her studies where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Social service with a minor in Public Administration (Magna Cum Laude) from 2009 to 2012 and a Master’s in Public Administration from 2012 to 2014 both at the University of Ottawa.

After completing her Master’s, Jessica dived into the world of Real Estate investments. She acquired a few properties for herself and esteemed family members. She led the acquisition of three new residential properties in the family portfolio while managing current family assets. Friends and family turn to her for insight on market trends, asset acquisitions and  asset management. Through Real Estate, Jessica has been able to provide long term housing to families in emergency shelters, international refugees, military households, and single parents in particular situations. She takes pride in being a rental unit provider that builds relationships with all tenants.

Jessica loves to bike in the summer and ski in the winter. She also makes multiple trips back and forth between Montreal and Ottawa to spend time with family and close friends. In her free time, Jessica scouts MLS, structure deals and studies for her Canadian Securities Institute courses.

Quote: You can’t save your way to wealth, you have to invest your way there,  Bruce M Firestone, PhD, Real Estate Investment and Business coach, Ottawa Senators founder