Mark Majkowski

Registered In British Columbia, Ontario

Mark is both an Insurance and Private Investment Specialist. After spending 20+ years in the federal civil service in Ottawa designing surveys and implementing numerous data improvement processes, he decided to pursue a new passion and entered the financial services industry in 2015.

Why the change? In managing his own household finances, Mark recognized the role that financial planning plays in securing the financial stability of an individual or family. He realized he had a passion to help others to succeed in the areas of life, health and wealth. For the first of his three years in the financial world, Mark worked with one of Canada’s largest firms and gained valuable training and experience in both the insurance and mutual fund industries.

In 2018, Mark made some key adjustments to what he would focus on to be better positioned in providing an array of top notch insurance/investment products to his current and future clients. He joined Equitable Financial Group to provide a suite of valuable insurance products offered through a multitude of insurance carriers. At the end of 2018, Mark also got licensed as an exempt market dealing representative and, after researching various exempt market dealers, chose to be a dealing representative with Rethink and Diversify Securities. With Rethink and Diversify, he has access to many highly scrutinized private market securities. Mark has been very pleased to be a member of both the Equitable Financial and Rethink and Diversify teams; he is looking forward to helping his clients further with their financial plans and adjustments and meeting new clients (individuals, families, businesses, corporations) to discuss options with their insurance needs, registered/non-registered investments, and lifestyle benefits.

On the personal side, Mark enjoys watching, playing, and coaching team sports, and he is thrilled to see individuals and teams improve and reach their goals. Mark and his wife Pam enjoy spending time with their son Ben, going on outings and exploring new places.

Thought of the day: 20 years from now, what will you wish you did today? If you do not know, ask either the older generation or those who work with that generation for possible insight into your future.