Charlene Liu

Registered In British Columbia

As a Financial Advisor, I use a holistic approach to guide clients to financial success. I providing investment and insurance products that build and protect a clients wealth and health, I know that proper preparation of the final stage of one’s life is extremely important. How do I structure my estate to avoid family conflict when I am gone? Who would be my best Executor and why? Who is going to guide my Executor through probate? How do I avoid excess taxes, excess probate costs and undo burden by family to sort my estate? 

These are all questions that need concrete answers while one is in a strong wealth and health position. As a Certified Executor Advisor, I work with my clients to provide this piece of mind well before the client enters the later stages of life. I work with the client and their chosen Executor together, assuring the Executor fully understands their role when the time comes. This upfront work can also protect the Executor from newly implemented laws of responsibility that forces accountability on the Executor, personally!

I build wealth for my clients with investment products, I protect the health and wealth of my clients with insurance products and I protect the legacy of my clients with an organized pre-planned transition as they leave this world.