Peter Ian McArthur

Registered In British Columbia

Beginning a career in consumer finance in 1974 Ian spent the next 7 years learning why many people struggle with money. In 1987 Ian joined a life insurance firm to learn more about estate planning and investments. In 1992 mutual funds became part of his offering. In 1994 the life insurance company wound up their career agency and Ian became an independent and remains so to this day.

Ian has become very adept at teaching strategic debt elimination and investment portfolio assembly to people concerned with their future.

Teaching people why it’s crucial to eliminate non-deductible debt as quickly as possible has become a key message in Ian’s work. Also, reducing personal consumption while building a solid portfolio of income producing investments can be key to a stress free, and sustainable financial future.

Alternative Investments can offer unique opportunities for some investors and Ian has become very skilled in finding suitable investments for most investors, from the most aggressive, to the most conservative.